Brewing Products

Morgan's Brewing Premium Beer starter kit
Fermenters in 15, 30 and 60 litre sizes
Over fifty (50) different types of beer & cider kit
"All Inn Brewing" Fresh Wort Kits
Premium yeasts from SAF, Lallemand and MJ's
Liquid and dry malt extracts
Over 15 varieties of aroma hops
Malt 'n' Bay blended brew enhancers
Measuring, mixing and heating paraphernalia
New PET and glass bottles
Keg King and MJ's 19 litre stainless steel kegs
Keg Master kegerators
Malt 'n' Bay Gift Vouchers

Water Distilling Systems

 Condensers and AirStill *
Alcotec, Essencia, Still Spirits  & Willard's yeast
Beer boilers
Carbon filter systems
Demi-johns in 5, 11 and 23 litre sizes
Glass and PET spirit bottles in various sizes
Over one hundred and fifty spirit flavours
Over ninety liqueur flavours
Sugar & Dextrose in bulk quantity
Bourbon chips, soakers, staves and chunks
Liqueur, schnapps and cream bases
Liquid glucose & smoothing agents
Malt 'n' Bay Gift Vouchers

* A permit is required to own a still of greater than 5 litres capacity.
It is illegal to manufacture alcohol by distillation in Australia without a license.
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Phone orders

We choose not to have an on-line store, preferring to deal face-to-face. However for customers who are unable to visit our shop or live in country areas we welcome telephone orders. Free shipping is available (conditions apply).